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Gold Rush! (Amiga)
Gold Rush! (Amiga) cover
  Box version
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Released on: 12.10.2019
Language: english
System requirements:
Amiga 512k, Kickstart 1.2 or better

Gold Rush! takes you back to the year 1849, when gold was discovered in California. It was certainly one of the most exciting times in American history. Gold Rush! includes the three routes tens of thousands took to the gold regions. Become Jerrod Wilson and experience each trek as you travel from New York to California.

Whichever route you decide to take, you will see many historical sights. Try going overland across the Great Plains and huge mountain ranges, crossing the Isthmus of Panama, or rounding Cape Horn on the tip of South America. If you survive and arrive at Sutter’s Fort, the adventure is still only half over! Many other puzzles remain to be solved before you achieve your goals in California.

Experience the classic style of the original game, which delighted millions of gamers in the eighties.

• Unique art design causes you to travel back to the middle of the 19th Century
• Three different western routes (3 adventures in one game)
• Parser interface

Items in this Special Edition:
• Game on 2 Disks for Amiga*
• Disks with a printed color label
• Two additional color label*
• Printed manual
• On CD: Book “California Gold” for copy protection, drawings, ADF game files
• On DVD: PC-Remake “Gold Rush! Anniversary”, playable on PC without Internet connection, DRM-free
• A printed certificate including the serial-number of the Special Edition
• A printed DIN A1 poster on a high-quality paper
• A printed postcard, originally signed by the developers from the 1980s
• A printed label of the game logo
* Because of different types of disk-drives used in the Amiga, there may be problems reading the disks. Therefore, the CD contains the ADF-files to copy the content onto disks with a free tool.

COMPLETELY SOLD OUT (first and second (last) batch!)


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